Sydney Park was littered with rubbish after the Christmas party, and local residents were dissatisfied

According to the Australian Sky News reported on the 26th, according to the pictures and videos on social media, a large number of people gathered in the park near Sydney’s Bronte Beach to celebrate the holiday at Christmas. After they left, they left a lot of garbage and personal belongings at the scene. These messy scenes aroused the dissatisfaction of local residents.

It was reported that on the eve of Christmas, the Waverley City Council had reminded local people that drinking was prohibited on beaches, parks and other outdoor public places in the area. However, several videos on social media showed that hundreds of revelers celebrated the festival for a long time in the park, most of whom looked like backpackers. During the celebration, people can hear loud music and see revelers dancing.

In addition, according to the photos shared by residents in the local communication group of social media Facebook, a large amount of garbage, including wine bottles, cans, shoes, picnic mats and other personal items were thrown on the lawn of the park. According to the report, this scene has also triggered criticism from netizens. Someone said, “It is shocking that such a lack of respect should be fined.”. Others said, “How can people do such despicable acts? These people should be fined for littering”.
According to the report, the staff of Waverley City Council have started to clean up these littered items from the morning of the 26th. The report also mentioned that on Christmas Day 2020, hundreds of backpackers held a similar large-scale celebration in Sydney scenic spots, and the party was dispersed by local police. According to the epidemic prevention policy at that time, the number of outdoor gatherings was limited to 100, but the local police estimated that 200 to 300 revelers attended the party. This triggered the anger of Sydney residents.

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