Western reporters were shocked!

As Western officials and journalists awaited Tuesday’s NATO summit in Madrid, Spain, they were surprised to find a menu called “Russian Potato Salad” on the menu, according to Reuters. dishes.

This directly caused their consternation.

Reuters said that although this “Russian salad” dish is common in many restaurants in Spain, such a dish appeared at the NATO summit when the NATO summit was about to open, and the meeting was about to discuss the “security threat” of Russia. The menu of the cafe at the venue attracted the attention and even consternation of reporters and Western officials.

A Spanish reporter complained: “Russian salad appeared at the NATO summit? I was a little surprised by the choice of this dish.”

However, Reuters said the dish quickly sold out within an hour, despite its controversial name, due to the appeal of the high-carb salad of peas, potatoes, radishes and mayonnaise.

To a certain extent, this is quite similar to the fact that while the West is sanctioning Russia, it is difficult to get rid of its dependence on Russian energy.

But according to Reuters, at the banquet for foreign and defense ministers of participating countries, they ate dishes that had been processed by Spanish chefs and renamed “Ukrainian salad”.

In addition, some Spanish media once stated in March this year that since Russia launched a “special military operation” against Ukraine at the end of February this year, many Spanish restaurants have successively changed the name of “Russian salad” on the menu to “Ukraine” or “Ukraine” or “Ukraine”. “Kyiv Salad” to show support for Ukraine. The head of a Spanish restaurant also said that the idea was first proposed by a Russian, because he also objected to Russia doing it.

Others have changed the name of the dish to “Olivier Salad” because the salad is thought to have been originally created in the 19th century by Belgian-French-Russian chef Lucian Olivier. But others say the recipe originally appeared in a cookbook by Italian-British chef Charles Elmé Francatelli.

Finally, political protest by renaming dishes is nothing new. After the United States illegally invaded Iraq that year, American militants and some politicians changed the official name of French fries “French Fries” to “Freedom French Fries” in order to protest France’s opposition to this practice.

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