How does SK-II continue to attract young people?

In the era of stock business, how to continuously stimulate new consumption potential in limited scenarios has become a major challenge for beauty and skin care brands.
According to fashion business news, high-end skin care brand SK-II launched a pop-up store of “Jingtong Realm” in Haitang Bay International Duty Free City and Haikou Riyue Plaza in Sanya, Hainan from June 1st to 29th, with interactive social retail, further Improving consumers’ personalized shopping experience has become the focus of the industry.
In the pop-up store, consumers can not only check their skin condition, learn about SK-II’s signature ingredient PITERA™, and get customized product recommendations, but also interact with the store’s appearance through the gamification experience of WeChat mini-programs. .
It is worth noting that this is the first time SK-II has opened a pop-up store in Sanya after a year. Thanks to the tax-free policy for outlying islands, Hainan has become one of the markets with the most consumption potential in China. According to statistics from the Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce, the total sales of duty-free shops on the outlying islands of Hainan will exceed 60 billion yuan in 2021, and the sales during the Spring Festival will reach 2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 144%.

Another data shows that there will be 370 million middle-class consumers by 2030, and the continued expansion of the middle class means that the demographic dividend of beauty products in China is still strong. In this high-end shopping paradise that is most popular among Chinese consumers, SK-II can undoubtedly reach the target consumer groups more efficiently.

In order to maintain the freshness of consumers, SK-II, on the basis of last year’s “social retail” pop-up store, highlights the innovation in interaction, breaking the traditional logic of travel retail from the three dimensions of time, space and depth, The online and offline experiences are linked together to enhance the interactive fun and create a unique gamified shopping experience journey for consumers.

Consumers are in the gamified shopping experience created by the brand from the moment they enter the SK-II “Crystal Realm” pop-up store. While browsing in-store, consumers can learn about PITERA™ and SK-II products in a whole new way through intuitive eye-tracking technology. Just by looking at the products on the wall, they can start a personal skin care experience, understand Key information and efficacy of PITERA™ and SK-II core products.

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