Can humans stay healthy and enjoy food?

Can you stay healthy and enjoy good food?

It is believed that enjoying good food is also a part of physical and mental health and well-being. Happiness is closely related to the way we live. What we do, what social connections we have, whether we play sports and what we eat.

Does food really matter that much?

These answers need to satisfy many factors: genetics, social interaction, meaningful tasks, but almost most importantly, diet.

In the brain, cells communicate with each other in a network and use messenger substances to communicate. These are proteins that keep replicating. We determine the concentrations and quantities of these messenger substances by what we eat. This is why we can also determine our state of mind through our diet. As a neurologist, how targeted nutrition affects neurological disorders such as dementia, depression and headaches. But this does not refer to prevention or treatment, but to impact.

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