Amendment of the bill to withdraw from trade

On June 11, local time, the British government announced an attempt to amend the “Northern Ireland Protocol” related bills, saying that this move is not illegal. In this regard, the EU said that the British government “undermined mutual trust”.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) report on June 12, according to the bill, the flow of goods between the British Isle of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which is also part of the United Kingdom, will be smoother, and companies in Northern Ireland will receive the same tax relief as the rest of the UK. In addition, the European Court of Justice will not be the final arbiter of trade disputes, but will be arbitrated by other independent adjudication mechanisms. British Foreign Secretary Truss said that this bill is used to solve the problems that have arisen in the post-Brexit era and is not illegal. “We are very clear that our actions are in line with the law.” The British government pointed out that it hopes to negotiate with the EU. way to resolve current disputes.

In response, Sinn Fein, the largest party in the Northern Ireland parliament and the nationalist party, accused British Prime Minister Boris Johnson of creating more instability and uncertainty in Northern Ireland and called his actions “illegal”. Sefcovic, vice-president of the European Commission, who is in charge of negotiations with the British government on the Northern Ireland issue, said the EU was concerned about the British government’s decision, which “undermined mutual trust”. Sevchovic said the European Commission would first consider reopening judicial proceedings against the British government’s default. The EU had launched the procedure in March 2021, but suspended it in October of the same year in order to “promote cooperation in a constructive spirit”. Sevchovich pointed out that the UK’s unilateral actions violated this spirit, and the EU will not renegotiate with the UK on issues related to the “Northern Ireland Protocol”.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the “Northern Ireland Protocol” is part of the UK’s “Brexit” agreement to resolve the trade arrangements between the UK and the EU after “Brexit”. According to the agreement, the Northern Ireland region will remain in the European single market and the EU customs union after the United Kingdom “Brexit” to prevent the emergence of a “hard border” on the island of Ireland. However, this arrangement has created a checkpoint between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, exacerbating tensions between Anglophiles and independents in Northern Ireland. Since 2021, both the UK and the EU have acknowledged problems in the protocol. In 2022, the two sides agreed to intensify negotiations on this.

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