Energy prices rise

June 8. According to the Greek “China-Greece Times” report on the 10th, with the further increase in international energy prices, the household income of Greek residents has been continuously affected. The government is planning to introduce a package of new support measures to limit the surge in fuel prices.

The Greek government’s plan, expected to be unveiled by the end of June at the latest, includes extending and expanding gasoline and diesel subsidies, while also considering new subsidy packages for economically vulnerable households and targeted temporary reductions in food such as bread, the report said. value-added tax.

Greek government officials have pointed out that the new wave of price increases makes it necessary for the government to take further intervention measures to curb inflation. The specific support depends on the state and the government’s fiscal surplus.

Specifically, Greece will extend gasoline subsidies, lower the application threshold, and will also subsidize diesel. At the same time, the Greek government is preparing to re-issue a special “red envelope” of 200 euros, similar to the special consumption vouchers issued at Easter, to support vulnerable families.

In terms of electricity, it is reported that the platform for applying for electricity subsidies is expected to be opened before June 16, and the subsidies may be issued in early July.

In addition, the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy will submit amendments to some government bills to Parliament to start implementing a temporary electricity price control system. After the amendments are passed, the government will pass the necessary regulatory decisions to clarify the price level in the wholesale electricity market. The government aims to use this mechanism, combined with subsidies from households and businesses, to lower the price per kilowatt-hour.

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  • June 15, 2022 at 8:51 am

    Hey, it’s really hard for us to live like this. Prices have risen, wages have not changed, and the suffering


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