non-returnable gas tanks make steel prices rise

On June 14th, according to the “European Times” report on the 13th, following the toilet paper and edible oil on the supermarket shelves, the German people are now focusing on the building materials market. Many barbecue and camping enthusiasts have begun to hoard liquefied natural gas tanks. Become a jar of hard to find.

According to the website of the German newspaper Die Welt, hoarding activities are not limited to the best season for barbecue camping, and some companies have even had to take measures to restrict purchases. Holler, a staff member of Germany’s Propan Rheingas liquefied gas company, said the current situation is “very urgent”, especially the very low inventory of 11 kilograms of liquefied gas tanks.

The report pointed out that the behavior of people hoarding gas tanks will have an increasing impact on dealers and natural gas companies. Human factors have led to a shortage of liquefied gas tanks, making it more difficult to recycle the cans, and the price of raw steel, which has risen as a result, Holler said.

The report quoted some netizens as saying that as early as March, there was a shortage of liquefied gas tanks and private bulk purchases in Germany, and the tense atmosphere has infected people who do not have the habit of hoarding goods.

Holler said that a number of natural gas suppliers have decided that they can only exchange corresponding vacant tanks for liquefied gas tanks.

On the other hand, the German LNG Association (DVFG) is trying to dispel market anxiety. A spokesman for the association said, “We have expressed concern about the growing natural gas demand in the market.” He also emphasized, “We will ensure the continued stability of natural gas supply in Germany and other Western countries.”

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