Unmarried people in their 30s

June 14th. According to Kyodo News, the Japanese government finalized the 2022 edition of the White Paper on Gender-Based Painting at a cabinet meeting on the 14th. Surveys in the white paper show that a quarter of men and women in their 30s who have no history of marriage responded that they had no desire to marry.

Specifically, for the willingness to marry of single people with no marriage history, 46.4% of men and women in their 30s answered “yes”, while 26.5% of men and 25.4% of women answered “no”. “Do not”). plan” or “as far as possible not plan”).

Among those in their 20s, 19.3% of men and 14.0% of women answered that they had no plans to marry.

When asked why people between the ages of 20 and 39 did not have a positive view of marriage, they found that the most common answer for both men and women was “I don’t want to be tied to marriage,” the report said. I wanted to live freely. “

In addition, the reason for the obvious gender difference is that women answered “will take on the responsibilities of work, family, childcare, and nursing”, “rejection or find it troublesome to change their surname”, etc., while men answered “no financial ability, unstable work”.

The survey also found that the number of marriages in Japan in 2021 (preliminary value) is about 514,000, the lowest since World War II.

The Cabinet Office of Japan conducted the survey from December 2021 to January 2022 and received responses from 20,000 people aged 20 to 69. The findings are summarized in a white paper.

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